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  • Sun, 13:47: @ArcheAge I've spent three hours in queue today, after finally getting into game, I got disconnected in less than a minute.


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  • Tue, 11:01: RT @ChuckWendig: "If you don't want nude pics leaked, don't take nude pics with your phone —" *Tasers you* *steals your shoes* SHOULDN'T…


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Giving the Byzantine a bad name...

I used to work with a dev who named every query "q" in his mostly linear code.
I didn't think I'd ever see anything quite so insane, you CAN keep track... but its myopic and masterbatory.  If you know your own code you are fine, but as an outsider looking at the code it is immediately a giant confusing pile.

Today I'm dealing with the code of a guy who names every query "get" and who is also the LEAST linear coldfusion I've ever seen.  Currently I'm trying find a specific "get" query that may be one of about 80 spread across 20 or so includes.


More obvious code unseen for 25 years...

Lets do another one of those...

At least this time I realized it myself, and didn't stumble across it in someone else's product.

You have a fixed series of things, that loops when it reaches its end (like days of the week, or months in a year, spokes on a wheel... whatever )...

How many times have I written some variant of this?
if( day > 7 ) day=day-7; if( day < 1 ) day=day+7;

instead of:
day = (day+dayChange)%7;


OMFBG!* (thats "B" for boolean)

I've been coding for... 25 years (eeep... theres some math I could have avoided thinking about ), for about 9 of those I've been coding professionally.

How have I never seen "toggleVar = !toggleVar;"

how many times have I written "if( toggleVar ) toggleVar=false; else toggleVar = true;" ?

I feel like an infant sometimes.

I am a regular reader of Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood who is one of the founders of Stack Overflow, so I knew about, and was waiting for it to open long before it did.

While I use it for answers all the time, and occasionally try to answer myself (given the insanely awesome smarts floating around out there, coupled with my WICKED slow composition speed, I never have an answer anything in time for it to matter), I hadn't contributed until this morning.

I used to get an error every couple days at a shop I worked at, one of the users called it "Beak" because she thought it reminded her of one:

...which, in the source, looks like:


"Beak" can be readily reserved by bouncing JRun on the Coldfusion server, and that was enough for me when I had direct control over my server, and bouncing it took no time and impacted no one too severely.

Now I'm in a shop where I don't have admin access to the webserver, and moreover (from a business perspective), the servers are transacting big dollar signs at any given moment, and can't just be bounced.

My undying curiosity was perpetually thwarted by Google's inability to search for anything other than a random collection of B's and P's.

I was discussing productivity this morning with a friend, one time co-worker, (and one of the handfull of people I have exposed to their own ADD and the glory of pharmaceutical management of that condition). He said this:

If it's an Adderall day, the day usually flies and I get a bit done, of course, you know how that goes.. once you're in that "zone" you could be fixing a small HTML alignment issue for 6 hours, but when you're done.. you'll fix the HELL out of it!

Which is about the most accurately described good medication day I've ever heard...

joked with my brother that while it's great for someone like me who's all over.. it's like a big huge laser cannon that takes a whole day to charge: aim it right, you're good, but god help you... get distracted on a message board somewhere, or debating politics, or working on something that isn't exactly what needs to be done...

Hadn't thought of that analogy, but its pretty solid. You get one shot a day, what you hit is dependent on what you can stay focused on for the first hour of your "charging" time... if you get off target, you probably WON'T get back on target... if you can actually stay focused for that full hour, its actually difficult and upsetting (it actually gives me vertigo and a little nausea) to get off target.

A message board WILL be the death of you (take LiveJournal and this morning for instance, killing my productivity)

Its a lot like the Hyperfocus of the un-medicated ADD brain, only you have a LOT more control over it. You come out from the haze 5 to 8 hours later and see your work layed out before you, and you see that you are a god. (Its a statement like that, to a psychiatrist, who decided that I was Bipolar and not ADD ( she had no concept of Hyperfocus and thought all ADD had to be ADHD ), its true though... the difference I point out now is that I don't feel like I CAN do anything during the Hyperfocus... but afterward when you look back at your own wake and realized you COULD do anything when you were there.


Codefree Codeblog

...There has been a distinct lack of code here at the codeblog...

There has NOT been a lack of coding.

I just finished configuring a Joomla site...

I think I hate Joomla.

It is built in PHP, which I don't love, but respect in the way you respect cockroaches...

Its extrememly powerful... but it took probably 100 man hours to get the site up... that was tremendous for an "out of the box" solution... and 50% of that was spent working with actual code, rather than configuring (and 40% was probably css unbuggering)

About halfway through my brain said "You know... a CMS in ColdFusion could be pretty sweet."

Yeah... I'll have the time to develop THAT in the next year...

Currently I'm working on ANOTHER side project (a woefully unlove one).  Its the graphical / UI portion of a project an associate is building.  I enjoy it because it is heavy duty javascript... serious stuff... I'm using jQuery for the first time... thats a trip, completely different way of operating than prototype, which I've used for a couple years... I don't know if I like it more or less yet.

More respect for evil...

...I could not have covered this better than Jeff, so I'll let him:

Evil and Awesome aren't SUPPOSED to coexist.




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